Saturdays & Sundays 10am-2:30pm

 TEXAS BENEDICTS   served with home fries

  MARCO POLLO   grilled chicken, chorizo, jalapeno, onion, mozzarella,


                                          and classic house made hollandaise 14.5


  AUSTIN   avocado, crispy bacon, chipotle hollandaise  13.5

  ALAMO  sausage, jalapeno, red onion, cheddar jack, chipotle hollandaise  13.5

  VEGETARIANO   avocado, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato,



                       red onion, basil pesto, hollandaise 13.5


  EL DIABLO  grilled jalapeno cheese bread topped with crispy bacon, cheddar jack,



                         fried eggs, chipotle hollandaise, pico de gallo, served with home fries  14.5

  SOUTHWEST EGGS IN A HOLE eggs fried in grilled jalapeno cheese bread,



                                          topped with cheddar jack and basil pesto, served with home fries  12.5

  CARIBBEAN TOAST  french toast topped with grilled bananas, pecans


                              and our house made dark caramel syrup  12.5

  FRENCH TOAST  three slices of country white bread dipped in Arturo's sweet egg batter


                              and grilled golden brown  9.5

  CHANGO LOCO  three slices of fresh baked jalapeno cheese bread dipped in Arturo's sweet



                                  egg batter, grilled golden brown and topped with grilled bananas,



                                         pecans and dark caramel syrup  13.75


   SIMPLE AMERICAN  two eggs, home fries, wheat toast, two bacon strips  9.5

                                                                                                          ...sub sausage patties  $1


  served with tortillas, salsa and home fries


   ...add avocado  2    ...add classic or chipotle hollandaise  .75


  MAD SCRAMBLE   sausage, crispy bacon, chorizo, mushroom, cheddar


                                               topped with chipotle hollandaise and avocado 12.5



  TOCINO   crispy bacon, mushroom, caramelized onion, cheese  9.5


  ARTURO  chorizo, jalapeno, tomato, red onion, cheese  9.5

  BUENO  spicy chipotle sausage, jalapeno, tomato, red onion, cheese  9.5



  MIGAS  tortilla chips, jalapeno, tomato, red onion, cheese  9

  VEGGIE  mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, caramelized onion, basil pesto, cheese  9.5




  served  on jalapeno cheese or sourdough bread with chips & salsa 



   ...sub home fries  $2

  ULTIMO   fried egg, bacon, sausage, avocado, grilled tomato & red onion, cheddar jack on 11



  CHIPOTLE CHICKEN  grilled chipotle marinated chicken, cheddar jack,



                             lettuce, tomato, mayo  11.5   ...add fried egg or avocado  $2

  HAM & CHEDDAR  black forest ham, cheddar jack, lettuce, tomato, mayo  10.5



  BLT  crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo  9.5   ...add fried egg or avocado  $2

  GRILLED CHEESE  cheddar jack, mozzarella, grilled tomato, basil pesto   9.5



                                                 ...add bacon or avocado  $2


     ...add grilled chicken $3.5

  COBB   green leaf lettuce, avocado, bacon, hard poached egg, mushroom,



                 carrot, red cabbage, tomato, red onion, cucumber, cheddar jack  11


  GARDEN  green leaf lettuce, shredded carrot, red cabbage, cucumber, diced tomato  9.5


   dressings:  balsamic vinaigrette, bleu cheese, or ranch